Welcome to Grove Church!

We're glad you've found us!


Together, we are a community of believers:

A community of faith.

A community of hope.

A community of love.

A community of witness.


We are the "little church with a big heart"

and have a passion for

ministry and service. 


We highly value our relationships with one another. We look to grow through fellowship,

through meeting together to hear the Word of God preached, through working together to show God's love to others. 


If you are looking for a welcoming, Christian church, with multiple opportunities

for ministry and service:

you've found what you're looking for! 



*In the summer of 1854, local Presbyterians, feeling the need for preaching in their immediate vicinity to serve their families and to be of inspiration to their neighbors, secured the services of Dr. Septimus Tustin.


*Dr. Tustin preached to gatherings in a grove of trees near Hall’s Cross Roads on Sunday afternoons. In the winter, worship services were held in a building near the site of the present church.


*Sufficient interest in the Presbyterian services was sustained to permit erection of a brick church building in 1856 and the name "Grove Presbyterian Church" was bestowed upon it.


*Fast forward to 1912-1913, when the current church building was erected to meet the needs of the growing congregation. 


*Under Reverend Perry Monroe’s leadership in the 1950s and 1960s, the congregation continued to grow. An aggressive building program included remodeling and enlargement of the Sanctuary and construction of a new Christian Education building.  


Today, worship services continue to be vibrant and engaging and Grove remains as active in the community as ever.


Our church campus thrives with Grove’s mission, ministry and outreach endeavors, while also hosting numerous community groups such as a Scout Troop, Alcoholics Anonymous and Harford Family House, just to name a few.


God has truly blessed this congregation!


We hope you’ll consider joining us and experiencing God’s saving grace and His Spirit at work among us as we strive to follow Jesus.

As we mark more than 160 years of ministry and service, Grove Church

continues the vision of the founders of the congregation:

Worshipping and serving God,

Sharing our belief in Jesus Christ and

Reaching out with love and understanding to all people.