The Session of Grove Presbyterian Church is its primary ruling body, and oversees all the ministries of the church,

Goals of the Session

In the Presbyterian system of Christian governing, the Session is the body which leads in exploring and discerning of God’s vision for the congregation, and leads the congregation in all areas of Christian life. Some of the responsibilities of the Session may be delegated to the Deacons or Trustees as the congregation sees fit. The Grove Session consists of nine Ruling Elders (elected by the congregation for three year terms, renewable for a second term, then a year off is required) and the installed Teaching Elder (Pastor). 

Ruling Elders usually serve on a Ministry Team, often as the chair of the team. The Teaching Elder attends Ministry Team meetings as needed or requested; attending Worship, Witness and Outreach, Fellowship, Mission, and Christian Education/Discipleship Ministry Teams on a regular basis. The Session is also served by a Session Clerk who attends the meetings, takes and records minutes, maintains the rolls of the congregation, and prepares the annual report to the denomination.